6- week group coaching experience where you'll

recognize your core values and recreate your habits. 

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Why join Teachers Together?


TEACHERS - gift yourself this self-care experience, you'll find it to be life-giving and fun!


Connect with other educators in our profession through this shared experience.


An inviting space is held for you to be heard, seen, and supported with empathy, compassion, and love through this community of teachers and myself, your coach.


You'll reconnect with yourself by recognizing your core values and recreating habits that'll lead toward your aspiration.


Teachers Together was everything I didn't know I needed. Through this experience I was truly able to reconnect to myself not only as an educator, but as a person. On this journey, I discovered what I truly value and examined the ways these values appeared (and didn't appear) in my personal and professional life. Jocelyn's openness and encouragement provided the group with a strong foundation for reflection, intention, and growth without feeling overwhelming. Our little community went on a powerful journey together and I am incredibly grateful for this experience.

- Katie, Teacher -

Being apart of Teachers Together was an amazing journey! Jocelyn is an incredible life coach, teacher, and person. She made everyone in the group feel welcome, heard, and valued. She shared tools to help us connect with our core values and ways to incorporate those values into our personal and professional lives. I have enjoyed being apart of this community and taking the time to connect, reflect, and be empowered!

- Julia, Reading Specialist -

My experience in Teachers Together was a fulfilling one. First of all, Jocelyn is an amazing coach. Her nurturing demeanor created an environment where I felt comfortable to practice what she was sharing with us and I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and experiences with the group. Through this group, I was able to learn different strategies and tools to help me become a better and more authentic version of myself, both personally and professionally. Being able to truly reflect on what my core values are and how they impact my life has been invaluable. It's helped me to focus on the important and to be more mindful. Being a part of this community of educators who are experiencing and learning the same things as me has enabled me to go outside of my comfort zone, not just in action, but also in thought. Honestly, participating in Teachers Together will impact my life from here on out.

- Marivic, 3rd-grade Teacher-

Teachers Together helped me feel part of a community. I tell myself a lot, "You are not the only one going through this or feeling this way," but I haven't truly believed this. Having this group, being able to share, learn and grow together in a safe space is empowering. I think that Jocelyn's warmth along with her support made our practices throughout the week that much more meaningful and contributed to my success. Let's face it, we have a lot on our plate and her check ins were definitely needed and well received! I can't thank Jocelyn enough for creating this group and bringing together strangers that bonded quicker and stronger than I have experienced!

- Shireen, 1st-grade Teacher -

This group experience with other educators was empowering and joyful. I learned some powerful tools to help myself "pause" in situations that would normally be overwhelming in both my personal and professional life. I have felt a calming shift in myself and now feel more in control of my emotions and reactions. I have learned to connect to my core values and celebrate myself! I didn't know any of the group participants to start, but created a special bond with all of them during our sessions of reflections and sharing. They lent me strength to grow and created a safe place for me to open up and thrive. Jocelyn was an empathetic and warm leader in taking us on this learning journey. I know I am a stronger teacher, as well as a stronger woman, after learning with this group of amazing women!

- Melissa, Kindergarten Teacher -



  • 6 consecutive week commitment

    • Six 1-hour group coaching sessions ​

  • Next group start date: TBD

  • How: Zoom

  • You'll walk away with:

    • ​Identifying your Core Values

    • Recreating new habits that’ll lead toward achieving your aspiration.

    • 4 tools to help you shift your habitual responses when triggered by internal or external cues.

  • ​Cost: $360 one-time payment