"Embody your empowerment and wisdom to thrive and be your best self!"

- Jocelyn


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My Story

Hi! I’m Jocelyn Auyeung (she/her). I've been in this teaching profession for over a decade and I know it's not an easy profession to be in. 

I entered into teaching because I loved making the connections with my students, the creativity involved in teaching, the collaborations, and the fun nature of each day being a little different and unique. 

BUT.....what I wasn't prepared for, was all the things that came along with teaching. The unending expectations, standards, and all the extra things (it's just too many to list here). There was pressure "to keep up" or else you felt like "you were behind" or "failing your students". There was an expectation to do more than what you did in the classroom, such as extra committees, after-school duties, etc. ALL.THE.THINGS

I became a "yes" girl, trying to meet everyone else's expectations and demands (district, school admin, parents, students). My sense of worth and identity became tied to my work as a teacher. So I kept working and chugging away, all the while losing a sense of who I really was. 

Life Coach for Teachers

Then at 10 years (2014), I hit a wall. I became "that teacher" who was always negative and grouchy. I didn't feel as connected to my students as I usually did and that made me sad. I had lost my zest, passion, and my why for being a teacher. I didn't know who I was anymore.


I left and started on my journey in rediscovering and reconnecting with who I truly was. I spent a lot of time in therapy understanding my past and how it landed me in the space of not knowing myself. 

Then came 2020, the year where it all shifted for me. I had the privilege of being in a Life Coach Certification program and being coached by my own Life Coach Kim Romain who walked with me to see, accept, and step into who I truly was: my own worthiness, empowerment, and confidence. 


How has this impacted me as a teacher now?

I'm back in the profession with a deeper connection to myself which has helped me in these ways:

  • the external things (ie. expectations, pressure, overwhelm, stress) have no power over me. 

  • I can confidently stay true to my boundaries without self-doubting my own worth.

  • I'm able to show up authentically in front of my students which has shown them that there's permission for them to be truly themselves as well.

  • The connections with my students are much more important to me than getting through a lesson because, at the end of the day, my students won't remember the content I taught them but they'll remember who I am, my truest self. 

Why am I sharing this with you?

I'm wondering if any part of my story resonated with you?


If the part of "now knowing myself anymore" feels familiar to you, then this is why I'm a Life Coach for Teachers. I've stepped into and am living the truth of "You can be your truest self and still be a great teacher." You don't have to lose your sense of worth or identity to this profession. The job doesn't define you, my teacher friend. As one of my clients has said it so wonderfully: "You are a beautiful and bright soul waiting to just shine again." 

My empty classroom

Fun Facts about me:

Identities I hold:

  • Empower Coach for Educators

    • certified by the Courageous Living Coaching Certification Program (International Coaching Federation Accredited)

  • Teacher - 14th year

  • 1st gen. Asian-American woman

  • Mom and wife

  • Believer in God, faith, spirituality

Some quick facts about me:

  • Currently a Reading Interventionist/Specialist

  • Taught 1st-3rd grades 

  • Literacy Instructional Coach for 3 years at a K-5 school.

  • I love to adventure with my family in our travel trailer to National Parks and exploring the outdoors.Hiking is my thing.   

  • There’s always room for laughter in any situation (in my opinion).

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10 years of my teaching in the trunk