"You can be a great teacher and still stay true to who you are."

- Jocelyn

Teacher friend, the job doesn't define

who you are.

Teacher stress


I'm Jocelyn! 

Empowerment Coach



(Certified by the ICF accredited CLCC program)

I help educators

embody their own empowerment and wisdom to advocate for themselves

No matter how long or short you've been teaching, do you ever feel like you're losing a sense of confidence in yourself?


Teaching is hard.


You're trying to meet all the standards and expectations of the job that makes you feel anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed more often than not. This lands you in a space of questioning yourself and your abilities. 

Stressed Woman

You feel like you don't know who you are anymore. You're questioning your confidence not only in your teaching practice but also in the decisions you're making every day. AND it seems like there's no time to just pause because there's so much to do. So you just keep working away, sometimes on an empty tank and/or with lots of anxiety and worry. 

How has this been serving you to continue in this way?

What if I told you that....

When you embody your own empowerment and inner wisdom,

the demands of teaching will have no power over you.



Together, we'll 

  • Recognize your goals + internal stories

  • Realize + relate to your inner critic

  • Reprocess emotions

  • Recreate habits

  • Reconnect to your empowerment + inner wisdom

Preschool Teacher and Students

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